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Westport, WA

Westport, Washington, one of the most popular surfing spots in the state, is located on the south-western edge of Grays Harbor.  The south jetty at the mouth of Grays Harbor, extending from Westhaven State Park, is Westport's main surf break.

The break south of "the jetty" is exposed, so wave face height there is often greater that the groundswell size as predicted by forecast and recorded at buoys.  If the swell height is more than 3-4 feet, it will be difficult for surf kayaks in small "HP" boats to make it outside past the break.  There is usually something there to surf, but it can be rather chaotic (with a dumpy shorebreak at times).  A northwest swell will refract off the jetty making a point break with a rip along the jetty.

Dave Agnew (Surfer Dave) says, "Look for the period to be greater than ten seconds, little or no wind forecasted, best surf usually near dawn or dusk and varying longshore current running south (and north as one nears the jetty) when playing in the soup."

The other breaks in the area, such as "the cove" at Halfmoon Bay and "the groins" in Westhaven are protected and will only be working under certain conditions of swell height and direction.  When the jetty is too big, people look to these other areas.

This is a popular venue for board surfers, so please, as always, respect the locals, take turns, be careful where you paddle out, give everyone plenty of room and observe proper surf etiquette.

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