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Surf Kayak Mini - Clinic(s)

posted Apr 15, 2013, 12:26 PM by Hamp All   [ updated Feb 3, 2014, 10:21 AM ]

Event:  Surf Kayak Level II / III / IV Mini Clinic(s)

Dates:  TBD by student / instructor availability (2 Hours of instruction plus practice), minimum of two clinics scheduled for the season 01 June - 30 November

Description:  These clinics are designed as on demand instruction opportunities for the paddler who has their own surf or whitewater kayak and who is interested continuing to develop or improve specific surf zone techniques, skills and maneuvers with ACA certified surf kayak instructors. A roll would be helpful for the closed deck boater.

Objective:  To practice and polish specific techniques for having fun in the surf zone.

Additional Info:  Separate but parallel weekend long Intro to Surf Kayaking clinics (for beginning surf kayakers) or Level II/III/IV Surf Kayak clinics (for intermediate and above surf kayakers) are available if there is interest among prospective students.  The ability to roll a kayak is not essential if a Sit-On-Top surf kayak is used for the intro clinic. 

Instructors:  Dave Agnew, Hamp All, Linda Beltz, Ken DeBondt, Brian High, Steve Jones,  Jameson Riser, Deb Volturno 

Location:  Neah Bay WA (Hobuck Beach), alternate Straits of Juan de Fuca (as required by conditions) 

Maximum/Minimum Number of Students:  6 maximum, 2 minimum

Equipment requirements:  Cold water paddling gear (including dry suit or equivalent), PFD, helmet, paddle 

Boat requirement:  Surf specific or Whitewater kayak (Sit-on-top or closed deck)

Cost:  $50 per student

Additional Info:  If interested, please contact Hamp All @ hamp@fluid or 360-908-1999. Come on out and improve your paddling skills, learn to enjoy the surf in your kayak and enjoy the beauty of the NW coast!