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ACA Surf Kayak Level II/III Clinic - 9/25-26

posted Jun 26, 2010, 3:19 PM by Pacific Kayak Surfing Institute   [ updated Jun 26, 2010, 3:40 PM ]
(This clinic will be for Mountaineers members only, primarily for insurance and other administrative reasons.)

This two-day clinic is devoted to learning ocean surf kayaking fundamentals, improving wave-riding skills, and taking your surf kayaking to a new level. While particular focus will be on those techniques best suited for high performance surf-specific kayaks and waveskis, planing-hull whitewater kayaks and surf-oriented sit-on-tops are also suitable for this clinic. Topics include safety, strokes, equipment, wave selection, strategy, and maneuvers (such as various types of turns on glassy/green wave faces). Our instructors are ACA certified in Surf Kayaking.

Leader Notes: Location: Makah Bay (past Neah Bay) or Crescent Bay, depending on weather and surf conditions. Instructors: Hamp All, Deb Volturno, Dave Agnew, and several other ACA certified Surf Kayaking Instructors. (We provide a 2:1 instructor:student ratio or better to ensure plenty of personal attention.)  This clinic is intended for learning and improving surf kayaking skills and maneuvers in high performance, surf-specific kayaks and waveskis. Surf-oriented sit-on-tops (like the Kaos, Strike, Five-O, etc.) and some types of river kayaks (planing-hull "river runners" and the faster "playboats") are also acceptable, but do not use a sea kayak (or a high volume "creek boat", inflatable, etc.) for this clinic. You must provide your own equipment, including helmet, PFD, and immersion-wear appropriate for cold water swimming. Proficiency in the kayak roll will be helpful for closed-deck kayakers.  Please contact Brian High [ wave DOT slave AT yahoo DOT com ] for event sign-up and details.

Soft-Start: A women-only "soft start" option will be available, co-taught by at least two female certified instructors.  Please specify if this option interests you.

Clinic Fee:  $150 (includes two days of instruction)